Tree Nut and Sesame Allergy Friendly Brownie Recipe – As seen in IG story!

For those not comfortable buying boxed brownie mix (or who simply like homemade better), this is a recipe we have been using for years. Simply use your go to products and follow the linked recipe. You can also find the recipe pinned on my Pinterest account. I don’t typically make recommendations because different families have different comfort levels with shared lines/facilities and it is hard to control for that plus regional differences in product selection.

That said, we normally use the following products in our home (not sponsored)*:

  • Domino’s sugar (out of stock when we went shopping, hence not seen in image below)
  • Gold Medal Flour
  • ShopRite or Land o’ Lakes butter (though we’ve used other brands, too)
  • Hershey’s cocoa powder

We’ve been having loads of fun baking as a great, toddler friendly activity during this time of social distancing.

  • *Disclaimer: We normally do no shared lines, prefer no shared facilities though it is not a requirement. However, with certain brands, we are okay with shared lines if we trust their cleaning process. Please always use your own discretion in product selection that meets your individual family’s needs.
  • For more information about products that meet your family’s needs, check out my Food Allergy Resource Page, and see the recommended support groups.
Helping Daddy mix the batter.

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